The Cause of Your Low Back Pain

July 19, 2022
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Did you know? Low back pain is currently one of the leading causes of disability in America and unfortunately, we aren't surprised! 

The human body was built to move and move often! Unfortunately, our 21st-century lifestyle is not supporting that. The “box life” has become the norm - eat out of a box (processed food), sit and drive to work in a box (car), sit and work in a box at work (desk), drive home in the box (car), sit and watch tv out of a box (TV). We as humans struggle to get movement into our day and our body is paying for it.

What is mechanical low back pain (MLBP)?

The most common type of back pain we see is mechanical in nature. Meaning the issue is based on movement (or lack of it), and how we’re using our body. If your back symptoms change (becoming better or worse) with different positions and movements. You likely suffer from MLBP. 

What are common symptoms?

  • Pain into the buttocks or down the leg
  • Pain/stiffness when in certain positions
  • Pain/discomfort when lifting heavy objects
  • Discomfort when transitioning from sitting to standing

What are the most common causes of MLBP?

Injury: Trauma, such as a fall, strain caused by lifting something heavy, or a sudden awkward movement 

Posture: The accumulative postural stress of sitting as a daily habit is like bending your finger backward. It may not hurt at first, but the longer you hold it there, the more pressure you apply over time. It will start to feel uncomfortable and aching. When you let go of the finger, you’ll have a residual ache, but you’ll notice the discomfort quickly subsides. 

Sudden or awkward movements: It can also occur suddenly from something as simple as bending over to put on your socks or even turning to grab something.

Most of the time people aren't sure how their back pain even started. One day it kind of just happened and now they have low back problems!

The good news

MLBP is easily fixable!

The greatest risk of lower back pain is previous low back pain — if you’ve had it once, it’s likely going to happen again. BUT, this is why the goal of our treatment is to teach you proactive/preventative strategies. That way if you deal with the pain in the future again - not only can you manage it, but attack it and relieve it on your own.

How can we help?

At Aleck Pain to Performance, we provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional management of low back pain. We quickly identify what’s causing your discomfort, get you out of pain, then teach you how to minimize any recurrence through specific exercises and principles.

To achieve rapid results, Dr. Aleck and Dr. Richmond take time to talk and learn about your problem and analyze your movements on day one. Once the source of discomfort is detected, we will use the most appropriate treatments from our unique toolbox to quickly resolve symptoms. We understand what patients want; fast pain relief, personal attention, and the ability to feel Better than Before!

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Final thoughts

The most important step in treating your back pain is to have a thorough assessment and give YOU the tools needed to succeed. 

In rare cases, back pain can indicate a serious medical problem requiring immediate attention. Our thorough history and exam will help guide us if we need to send you out immediately. Please be cautious if you’re dealing with signs like bladder dysfunction, fever, direct trauma, or unexplained weight loss.

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