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Chiropractic Care Near Tinley Park, IL

Back and neck pain caused by athletic injuries or other physical activity can significantly hinder your life. Without proper treatment, everyday activities can become a significant struggle. While some chiropractors near Tinley Park, IL, may be able to relieve your pain, their traditional processes are often time-consuming and fail to be patient-oriented.

If you’re suffering from pain, trying to prevent future bodily injuries, or simply looking for the best way to exercise and maximize your physical performance, then Aleck Pain to Performance is the solution. Located in Frankfort, IL, Aleck Pain to Performance cares about every patient who walks through our doors, proudly serving the Southland Chicago communities of Tinley Park, Mokena, and New Lenox. Our modern take on chiropractic care services focuses on every patient, allowing for impressive recovery and performance in far fewer visits.


Meet The Team

Dr. Jake Aleck is the owner of Aleck Pain to Performance. Dr. Jake is a former athlete who has transformed his understanding of physical fitness into a passion for chiropractic care services. With hours of physical therapy education under his belt, Dr. Jake’s knowledge of injury recovery has allowed him to help many patients relieve pain, heal injuries, and regain their strength and mobility.

Dr. Kyle Richmond works with Dr. Jake as a skilled chiropractor in Frankfort, IL. Dr. Kyle is an expert in injury rehabilitation and can help develop the perfect treatment plan for each patient. He has also dealt with athletic injuries and cares about helping patients recover from any physical restraints they may have.

Pain Relief Near Tinley Park, IL

If you’re searching for a chiropractor near Tinley Park, IL, our Aleck Pain to Performance team is the solution. We know how to assess various injuries and help our patients return to the pain-free life they deserve.

Our doctors are well equipped to fit each patient with a treatment or workout plan that works with their needs and lifestyle. Our chiropractic services focus on two main areas: recovery and performance.

Recovery Begins in Frankfort, IL

Neck or back pain, arthritis, pinched nerves, and shin splints are just a few of the many injuries and conditions that our doctors are well suited to heal. Through a specialized treatment plan, you’ll have personalized stretches and exercises that will immediately begin to relieve your pain.

The first step to recovery is assessing the issue or issues affecting the patient. You’ll undergo a detailed examination based on your specific injury and needs. Once we’ve identified the cause of the pain, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step treatment plan that includes recovery in the clinic and at home.

We tailor every treatment plan to our patients, as each patient requires different recovery tactics. Our modern approach centers around your involvement in the recovery process, so we focus on fitting stretches and exercises into your daily schedule. Short 20-minute follow-up visits help internalize the recovery process, so we’ll have you living pain-free much more quickly than traditional chiropractic methods.

Perform Your Best With Aleck Pain To Performance

Our team also specializes in creating tailored training and workout plans for our patients. Whatever your personal fitness goals may be, from professional athletics performance to maximizing gym and workout results, our personalized programs are the best way to achieve them.

After a 60-minute consultation, we’ll build a plan for your exercise and stretching routines. Our programs are continually updated and come with educational videos, so you’ll be sure to maximize the strength, mobility, and fitness benefits. 

At Aleck Pain to Performance, we understand that you live a busy life. We get to know every patient and create performance plans that fit their work and personal schedules. You simply tell us about yourself and your goals, and we offer a specialized program to increase your physical health, leading to a longer and happier life.

Chiropractic Physician Near Tinley Park, IL | Aleck Pain To Performance

Aleck Pain to Performance was the #1 voted chiropractic clinic in the Southland of Chicago for back to back years, which speaks to our incredible results and intense passion for your physical health. While traditional chiropractors might require over 20 patient visits to provide results, our modern patient-centered approach allows for an average of just 5.6 trips. Your recovery and pain relief will come more quickly and last longer, and the methods we teach for strengthening your body and increasing physical health can last a lifetime. 

To relieve pain, strengthen your body, or improve your lifestyle, visit an esteemed Illinois chiropractor at Aleck Pain to Performance. Contact us at (815) 277-2921 to schedule your consultation today!