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Chiropractic Care Near New Lenox, IL

If you are currently suffering, or have ever suffered, from back or neck pain, you know what a burden it can be. The resulting immobility affects work, personal life, and everyday activities. You may consult a chiropractor near New Lenox, IL, and receive chiropractic care but soon need further treatment. 

Aleck Pain to Performance has reimagined chiropractic care to ensure you remain injury-free after treatment. With an approach that focuses on our patient's recovery and performance, we’ve decreased the number of visits necessary to relieve pain, rebuild strength, and increase mobility. At our chiropractic clinic located in Frankfort, Aleck Pain to Performance proudly serves surrounding Southland Chicago communities, including New Lenox, Mokena, and Tinley Park.


Meet The Team

Dr. Jack Aleck is the owner of Aleck Pain to Performance. A former athlete, Dr. Jake has used his knowledge and passion for all things physical fitness to become a renowned chiropractic physician. Through his rigorous education and modern take on physical therapy, Dr. Jake has helped numerous patients recover their strength and mobility while eliminating the pain that hindered their daily lives.

Dr. Kyle Richmond also practices as a skillful chiropractor in Frankfort, IL. With firsthand experience of the difficulties of athletic injuries, Dr. Kyle knows the importance of effective and timely injury rehabilitation. His exceptional care for each patient shows in the quality of his pain and performance services.

Pain Relief Near New Lenox, IL

If you’re looking for a chiropractor near New Lenox, IL, our Aleck Pain to Performance team is the solution. Our doctors have dealt with numerous injuries, so they know how to identify and resolve the issue. 

Whether you’re struggling from existing pain or looking to strengthen your body and prevent future injuries, we’ll work with you to meet your goals. Our in-depth chiropractic services have two main areas of focus: recovery and performance.

Your Recovery Begins in Frankfort, IL

Our recovery therapy will get you back to living the able and effective life you desire. Whether you’re experiencing back or neck pain, disc injuries, constant headaches, or any other problems, our doctors have the experience to help.

The first step to recovery is understanding the pain affecting the patient. We’ll conduct a detailed examination tailored to the needs of the patient. Once we’ve pinpointed the cause of the pain, we’ll go through a comprehensive treatment plan that includes recovery in the chiropractic office and at home.

Because we know that everybody has different recovery needs, we tailor each treatment plan to the patient. Our modern approach will make sure you are a part of the recovery process, so we focus on fitting stretches and exercises into your day-to-day schedule. With 20-minute follow-up visits, we’ll have you living pain-free as quickly as possible.

Helping You Perform Your Best

Our chiropractors near New Lenox, IL specialize in creating personalized workout and training plans for our patients. Whether you’re involved in athletics at a professional level or looking to better your physical health and lifestyle at the gym, we can provide a personalized program to get you the best results.

After a 60-minute consultation, we’ll provide a plan for your daily movement and exercise routine. Our programs evolve with you and come with helpful videos, so you’ll be sure to maximize the strength, mobility, and fitness benefits. 

At Aleck Pain to Performance, we know you're busy. That is why we create performance plans for each patient to fit their work and personal schedules. Tell us about yourself and your goals, and we will provide a performance program to help increase your overall physical health, which will lead to a better lifestyle.

Chiropractic Physician Near New Lenox, IL | Aleck Pain To Performance

Aleck Pain to Performance was the #1 voted chiropractic clinic in the Southland of Chicago for back to back years. Unlike traditional chiropractors, who might require over 20 patient visits to get results, our recovery and performance approach allows for an average of just 5.6 visits. You’ll begin to see positive results after the first treatment and be pain-free, stronger, and healthier by the last. 

To recover faster, perform better, or improve your overall lifestyle, visit the chiropractor near New Lenox at Aleck Pain to Performance. Contact us at (815) 277-2921 to schedule your consultation today!