“I came to Dr. Aleck, with maximum skepticism, and minimal trust in the healthcare system.”

“As a runner and active weight lifter, I knew that a “normal doctor” couldn’t address my lower back and knee performance issues, so I thought I would give chiropractic care a try.

After our first meetings, I quickly realized that Dr. Aleck is incredibly and deeply knowledgeable. But knowledge is only worth so much when results are all that matters. Within one month, not only were my pain issues resolved, I was on an entirely new path to achieving completely new levels of performance and physical health than I knew was possible.

Dr. Aleck opened my eyes to my capabilities, and led me in expanding my range of motion, strength achievements, daily routines, and all aspects of joint and physical health. I was so happy with our work together, that I asked Dr. Aleck to be my personal trainer and program my weekly workouts for me.

Once again, his knowledge, programming, and personalized care were like nothing I had experienced -- and off I went achieving new personal goals that were never possible before, including a safe and healthy 30K trail run, and new PRs on all the primary strength lifts. Not only have I personally transformed, but my view of health, strength, performance, and the healthcare system have been transformed for the better as well. I look forward to mentorship from Dr. Aleck for years to come.”

Sonny Byrd, Business Professional


“I’m 49 years old and I’ve had shoulder surgery, knee surgery, injections in my neck as well as spine. I’m too young for this, I thought. I was introduced to Dr. Jake Aleck; a licensed chiropractor but he was different.  It was not the typical back-cracker and laser treatment approach.  He explained where my pain was coming from, how to manage the pain and then put together a long-term plan to get me to where I needed to be. Today I ran over 2.5 miles-after my previous doctor and physical therapists told me I’d never run again! I’ve been a sponge, taking in Dr. Aleck’s wisdom and knowledge while implementing it into my daily life.“

“He has a unique way of explaining things that make perfect sense. Most doctors don’t have this skillset. I’ve put my life in his hands and he has handed me back a better man!”

Norman Poole

“I’ve been playing football for nearly 20 years, but over the last year it has transformed from a sport that I play to my profession as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Because of that I had to make the decision to really understand and learn about my body and how to keep myself healthy, rather than just the typical bigger, faster, stronger mentality. That’s why I decided to start working with Aleck Performance.

Dr. Aleck put me through a Functional Range Assessment and he was able to help me identify areas that I personally needed to work on as well as areas that other offensive lineman typically have issues with due to rep after rep of physical work.

Dr. Aleck then took that information along with his knowledge from playing football at a high level and training so many other athletes to help me create a workout plan that helped me improve my strength, speed, range of motion and overall athletic awareness.

Working with Dr. Aleck has been incredibly beneficial not just for the great work that he has done with me but for the great tools that he has armed me with that allow me to personally assess my joint and muscular health and recovery levels on a daily basis. All of these tools will allow me to continue to grow and succeed as an athlete throughout the rest of my career.”

“If I had these tools back during my high school and college careers, I could only imagine the understanding I would have of my body today. Thank you for everything, Doc!”

Nicky Allegretti - NFL Lineman, 2020 Superbowl Champion

“I approached Dr. Jake Aleck for help two years ago.  As a 51 year old former athlete and a Physical Education teacher exercise is part of my daily life.

Over the years I continued to work out but was constantly battling tightness, pain and injuries in primarily my shoulders, hips, and low back. With Dr. Aleck’s program I am virtually pain free!”

”I am also stronger, leaner, have increased overall mobility and able to do strength exercises that I never thought possible!  Dr. Aleck has greatly improved my quality of life!”

Stephanie Natalie, Lincoln Way East PE Teacher

“I started working with Dr. Aleck a year ago to work on improving my lung function and fitness to help in my fight with Cystic Fibrosis.”

“The programs and methods that Dr. Aleck has put together for me have improved my health by leaps and bounds.”

“All of my lung function numbers have improved and my overall health, including maintaining weight, building muscle and adding exponential aerobic capacity has changed my everyday life. Working with Dr. Aleck has been one of the best, if not the best, decision I have made for my health and fitness.”

Chris Graff, Woodwork Estimator

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