Sciatica Treatment

Dr. Aleck utilizes the most up to date and patient-centered approach to quickly decrease pain associated with sciatica, without the use of drugs or surgery. 

Sciatica is known as a symptom versus a diagnosis. Sciatica is pain or tightness that originates in the low back or pelvic region that can travel down one or both legs, buttock, knee, or in some cases, even the foot.

The pain is commonly described as achy, sharp, numb, or tingly. It can range anywhere from minimal to unbearable. 


What are the common causes of sciatica?

31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any give time and 1/2 of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. Most cases with sciatica are mechanical in nature - meaning they are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer. 

Sciatica is typically a mechanical problem, meaning an issue occurring as the result of how we use or don’t use our body. If your sciatica pain changes - for better or worse - with certain movement, postures, or positions, you likely are suffering from a mechanical low back problem causing sciatica pain. 


How can we help?

At Aleck Pain to Performance, you will be taken through a thorough medical history and physical assessment to make sure you receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. More often than not, we can begin treatment on your first visit once we find you are warranted for conservative care (i.e. without the use of drugs, injections or surgery). 

80% of muscle, joint, or nerve pain problems can be resolved rapidly - within days to weeks - with a proper movement and treatment strategy. 

Dr. Aleck identifies and helps you correct sciatica by utilizing the Mckenzie Method (MDT). MDT is a proven system of examination and treatment backed by years of research, evidence, and practice. One of the most modern ways shown to alleviate sciatica pain - quickly. 

Once we identify a movement(s) which improves your pain and movement, you’re on your way to self care. If your issue is something we are unable to treat in our office, Dr. Aleck’s assessment will tell us this within the first few visits, and then we will recommend the correct medical office needed to find you a solution.

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Assessment, your first step to recovery

The assessment process is the most important part of the Aleck Pain to Performance experience.

You will go through a detailed exam to determine exactly where your pain is coming from. 

Depending on the needs of the patient, the examination process may consist of: functional evaluation, orthopedic assessment, neurological assessment, soft tissue palpation/assessment, or joint motion palpation.

The Plan

Once your assessment is complete, we sit down together and walk you through your plan to recovery. We discuss a timeline, and what treatments will catapult the speed of recovery, and what stretches, exercises and any minor modifications in your day to day life that need to take place outside of clinic.


Fast and effective follow-ups

Follow up appointments are 20 minutes in length of 1-on-1 treatment doing everything possible to speed up care. Most patients start noticing changes within their first day of treatment, and it’s very rare that people aren’t starting to notice improvements after just 2-3 visits.

“Dr. Aleck helped me recover and had me back to exercising within ONE month. I am now back running feeling better than ever!”

Brendan Sleeman, Accountant

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“Within one month, not only were my pain issues resolved, I was on an entirely new path to achieving completely new levels of performance.”

Sonny Byrd, Business Professional

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“Today I ran over 2.5 miles-after my previous doctor and physical therapists told me I’d never run again! ”

Norman Poole

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Contrary to traditional chiropractic clinics, we don’t make you come back multiple times a week for months on end, wasting both time and money. We quickly identify the underlying issue, provide hands-on treatment, and educate you on how YOU can be an active participant in your recovery process.