Over the next 8 weeks in our newsletter, we will touch on...

 Warm-up routines

 Post-run mobility

 How to fuel your runs


Ready to Become a Better Runner?

Dr. Kyle Richmond and Dr. Jake Aleck from Aleck Pain to Performance will be providing weekly mobility and nutrition tips to help you become the best runner you can be!

Both Docs will be participating in the Lincoln-Way Half Marathon and 10K races on May 14th at 7 am.

Run With a Plan

To kickstart this running season we are offering complimentary running programs for both the Half Marathon and 10k on May 14th.


How Else Can We Help?

The number one performance decliner is PAIN! Instead of following the "no pain no gain" mentality, trust our docs to get you to feel your best.

Why are we different?

Your body is meant to move through each day without aches, pains, and issues keeping you from doing what you love.

The first step is to get you out of pain. Once you're pain-free, we work with you to make you stronger and keep your injuries away for good.

Now, let's get you feeling Better than Before.